Shift happens: het geheim van acceptabele verandering in het onderwijs

Onderstaand (Engelstalige) artikel is geschreven door Jeroen Pliester van strategisch bureau ReNEXT. Hij gaat verder in op dit onderwerp met betrekking tot onderwijs tijdens het 9e congres Marketing en Communicatie in het Onderwijs op 1 en 2 oktober.

The Nature of Change

Shift Happens! What if we could make change (more) visible, more understandable and easier to accept in our business–and personal lives?

When there is a discussion on proposed changes in larger organizations, most people involved tend to start looking very serious, and the tension within the walls of the company often rises. Why is it that we as humans have difficulties with change? Why do we know that change is good, but mostly for ‘others’?

We fear change, let alone complete transformation of our business, as well as our personal lives. That is applicable for at least 80% of mankind. While altering a process, a business, or a view, with the intention of adapting to a changing environment, is quite natural. In nature adaptation is second nature. From the chameleon to polar bears. The latter being prime examples of animals which adapt to their extreme natural environment. They do not make a business plan, they do not over-analyze their situation. They just ‘set an instinctive strategy’ and act upon it. Mainly for their survival.

Animals adjusting is, in our perception, a natural course of action. Often we forget that as human beings we also are part of nature, frequently hampered by our minds and our linked habit to first think about what we already sense is the right thing to do. However, when it comes to art, for example, ‘regular people’ (non-artists) agree that major shifts in style, thinking and performance is the standard for ‘the creatives’. For ‘them’ a metamorphosis or any revolutionary change is the common thing to do. Why?

The secret of acceptable change

Maybe the secret of acceptable change is to make it more part of our daily lives. How? By just (also watching others) doing it over and over again. Failure is in such a process additional experience gained on the road to a fitting and successful switch. From shifting a mindset to reforming a governmental or political system, it is all based on openness to the world and the natural instinct to adapt. Let’s learn from nature, artists, businesses and each other.

My suggestion: go to a gallery or a museum and get started and inspired for your next modification. Shift happens all the time. And it’s okay, fun, and the natural thing to do.

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