Podcast: in gesprek met Ashley Wheaton

Ashley Wheaton
Principal and Chief Executive Officer UCEM

Ashley joined UCEM in 2013 as Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Ashley is responsible for all aspects of UCEM’s academic and business operations.

As Principal of UCEM he works directly with the Chairman, the Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that UCEM delivers against the key objectives of its strategic plan – ensuring both the highest quality of education and the best student experience.

Ashley has previously held senior roles as Director of Global Learning Services for Microsoft, and Chief Executive Officer of InfoBasis Ltd, a global Talent Management software company. He holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from University of London.

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Het Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid (SBO) organiseert jaarlijks zo’n 200 opleidingen en congressen over o.a. onderwijs, veiligheid, milieu & RO, zorg, bouw & infra en overheid.

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